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MACHEREY-NAGEL Bioanalysis Products

Buffer and Reagents
Buffer Sets
Dye-Terminator Removal
gDNA Clean-up
His-tag Protein
Instrumente NucleoMag
Macherey Nagel Bioanalytic Nucleobond
NucleoBond Genomic DNA
NucleoBond Plasmid
NucleoBond Plasmid Xtra
NucleoBond Plasmid Xtra HTP
NucleoFast Clean-up
NucleoMag Blood
NucleoMag Clean-up
NucleoMag DNA FFPE
NucleoMag Plant
NucleoMag RNA
NucleoMag Tissue
NucleoMag Trace
NucleoMag Virus OEM
NucleoMag Virus Standard
NucleoSpin / Trap RNA
NucleoSpin / Trap RNA single prep mRNA
NucleoSpin Blood
NucleoSpin Blood HTP 8-well Blood
NucleoSpin Blood HTP 96-well Blood
NucleoSpin Clean-up
NucleoSpin Clean-up HTP 8-well Clean-up
NucleoSpin Clean-up HTP 96-well Clean-up
NucleoSpin DNA Cells-Tissue
NucleoSpin DNA FFPE
NucleoSpin Dx Blood
NucleoSpin Dx Virus
NucleoSpin Food
NucleoSpin Food HTP 8-well Food
NucleoSpin Food HTP 96-well Food
NucleoSpin miRNA
NucleoSpin Plant
NucleoSpin Plant HTP 8-well Plant
NucleoSpin Plant HTP96-well Plant
NucleoSpin Plasmid
NucleoSpin Plasmid HTP 8-well Plasmid
NucleoSpin Plasmid HTP 96-well Plasmid
NucleoSpin RNA Blood
NucleoSpin RNA Blood 8-well RNA Blood
NucleoSpin RNA Blood 96-well RNA Blood
NucleoSpin RNA Environment
NucleoSpin RNA FFPE
NucleoSpin Tissue
NucleoSpin Tissue HTP 8-well Tissue
NucleoSpin Tissue HTP96-well Tissue
NucleoSpin Trace
NucleoSpin Trace HTP 8-well Trace
NucleoSpin Trace HTP 96-well Trace
NucleoSpin Virus
NucleoSpin Virus HTP 8-well Virus
NucleoSpin Virus HTP 96-well Virus
NucleoTrap Clean-up
NucleoTrap mRNA
NulceoBond RNA
RNA Clean-up
Transfer Membranes



15ml graduated centrifuge tube w/ cap, sterile, bag, Pk/10x50 15ml graduated centrifuge tube w/ cap, sterile, bag, Pk/10x50,
List price: CHF 159.58
Offer price: CHF 110.70
50ml graduated centrifuge tube w/ cap, sterile, bag, Pk/10 x 50 50ml graduated centrifuge tube w/ cap, sterile, bag, Pk/10 x 50,
List price: CHF 237.30
Offer price: CHF 110.70